Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Idea - A Year of Living Charitably

Today I found this blog. I got the link from the family off of the TRAVULL Yahoo Group. From the group description, "This is a place for unschoolers to meet virtually and in real life, and share resources and experiences, and also find friends to travel with." The website also provides a data base for unschoolers willing to host other unschooling families.

Anyway, I click over to the blog and she is chronicling their charitable activities throughout the year, what they are doing, what difference it makes and whether it was worth it. This is definitely a blog I want to keep up with this year, especially since so many are feeling so hard hit with job losses, investment losses and the swirling economic uncertainty.


Jane B. said...

This blog sounds really cool. What an inspiring idea.

Hi! Long time no e. I wanted to give you a tree of happiness award if you feel like playing. You can find the info at my site.


Kat said...

Thanks for sharing that blog link! I also will be following her blog.

Kat said...

By the way, I can't find the button to follow your blog? I'd love to be a regular reader :)

Galavanter said...

Hi Kat - isn't her blog great? I started one myself, but I already do so much volunteer work, that the blog is pretty lame. I'll probably be deleting it.

As far as a follow button, I didn't even realize there wasn't one there - another thing I'll learn how to do today, eh? grin I love being an unschooler!

JenPB said... cool! I just got on Technorati and found your link to our Charitable Deeds project. Mr. B has now given me a gentle shove on the shoulder and said, "See? Now you have to keep it up!" ;)

I'm glad to know our project is inspiring others, and I do hope Galavanteer keeps going on her project. Volunteering in our communities COUNTS as far as I'm concerned. WE volunteer in various capacities, which will become clear as the year progresses.

Thanks again for helping to spread the word! :)

Galavanter said...

Okay, so much for scrapping the Charitable Challenge blog - I'm enjoying it too much. I hope others are, too!