Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting into my Heart by using my Hands

Tonight I listened to a recorded GUTS call called Getting into Your Heart by Using Your Hands. We used the solar system as a metaphor for our lives. (My scanner isn't quite large enough to see the entire picture, but most of it is here.)

Here's what mine represents:

I am the sun with my light shining brightly out to others and touches everything around me. I am passionate and compassionate. I am yellow, red, and orange.

Bekka and Steffi are shooting stars, blazing their own shining paths out to their own universes supported by my light and warmth (in the upper right corner, mostly off the scan).

Steve is a nearby planet - reliable and always there basking in my light.

My friends are the blue-green earth, grounding me and benefiting from my light.

My past is represented by grey asteroids falling away from my universe.

Lyra is a large star and Tamwyn is saturn surrounded by my light and warmth.

My life's work swirls purple and my home swirls blue throughout my entire universe.

My future spirals red out from my center touching all.

My hobbies are small, pink, distant stars on the other side of my friends.

My spirituality is my dark purple center.

All the negative stuff is an ugly, drab asteroid falling away from me and everything I value.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bekka is 16

My little girl is now 16. I'm not sure why that seems so big, but it does.

What really thrills me is who she is. She has such a good read on people and seems to be able to navigate all her social interactions in a way that my former 16 year old self really envies. She is so sure of herself and, while she doesn't quite know where she is headed, she does know that it will be her own journey navigated with her own decisions.

Enlightened Bekka