Thursday, December 01, 2011

Revisiting my Word of the Year

On today's GUTS call our coach asked us about our word of the year. Do we remember what it is? How has our word shaped our year?

Well, I have to admit I had to look it up to see what it was! My word this year is Develop. And as I read my post from January about my intentions for this word this year, I realize that I did pretty darn well! I have developed deeper friendships with some wonderful, truly amazing women in town, I've developed my writing (a little!), I've certainly developed my website and WOW, have I ever developed as a healer!

I started out the year somewhere in the middle of the Healing Touch training, and am finishing the year strong as a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner - truly changing people lives by helping them clear out all the stuff they've been dragging along.

Some other things have certainly developed this year that I hadn't anticipated back in January. I didn't even know about doTERRA Essential Oils until late May and yet now that is a large part of my life - affecting just about everything I do! I love developing myself as a leader in this exciting company.

So, we have 31 days left of this year. Reggie has challenged us to make them count. How will you make the last 31 days count so you can go into 2012 with appreciation for yourself and a job well done?