Monday, July 20, 2009

Dance for Life Feis Success

One year ago we took Bekka to the Dance for Life Feis in Seattle. She placed first in all of her dances and moved them from Adv. Beg. to Novice. She decided that Dance for Life was her favorite Feis.

This year Dance for Life ended up being on the same weekend as da Vinci Days (the premiere festival here in Corvallis). But, Dance for Life being Bekka's lucky Feis, it became the favored activity. Steffi decided to compete this year as well, and we also brought our friend, Norah for good measure.

Well, Norah has been battling her Hornpipe - it was the only dance she still had in Beginner 1 and she placed, moving it up to Adv. Beginner. Steffi hates the Beginner 1 slip jig and placed, moving it up, which means she never has to do that one again.

Bekka had three dances remaining in Novice with all the rest in Prizewinner, and yes, she took first in all three of those dances!

She still loves Dance for Life - it is still her Lucky Feis. Congrats, girls!