Monday, January 06, 2014

Loving Myself - Days 3 - 6

I am not cut out to be a daily blogger.  I just have to accept that fact!

The last three days, among lots of other things, I loved myself by:

Spending time with my girlfriend
Eating ice cream (not sure that even counts anymore, as I really need to no longer have sugar...)
Walking on the beach
Connecting with my daughter
Making great food (peanut sauce!)
Making my bed
Daily self care
Setting boundaries for myself with others
Learning something new
Planning a trip

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Loving Myself Day 2

Today I loved myself by:

Making my bed
Staying in bed late
Hanging out with GUTS girls
Getting my Tarot read (that was AWESOME - you should do it too!)
Doing some cleaning

Just a few simple things...

What did you do to love yourself today?

Loving Myself

Do you know how you love yourself?

Loving yourself doesn't have to be monumental, it doesn't have to take a lot of time, although sometimes it can, if it serves you.

My fabulous life coach, Reggie Adams has us list 100 Ways to Love Myself in her GUTS course. And during our monthly call today, I had the inspiration to post how I love myself each day.  Now, I've never been much of a daily blogger, and blogs are certainly not as "the thing" as they were way back when I started this thing, but polishing it off this year, and this will be part of that journey.

Here is my list of 100 Ways to Love Myself:

1. Listen to my heart
2. Accept myself
3. Let others love me
4. Love others
5. Help someone
6. Clean my space
7. Cook my favorite food
8. Drum
9. Listen to music
10. Dress up
11. Take a shower
12. Brush my teeth
13. Give someone a hug
14. Send an uplifting email
15. Write a blog post
16. Read a favorite blog
17. Clean up a pile
18. Meet friends for a meal
19. Invite a friend for dinner
20. Follow through on something hard
21. Be an advocate
22. Remember who I am
23. Share my talents with others
24. Paint
25. Collage
26. Write
27. Decorate
28. Clean the kitchen
29. Be with GUTS girls
30. Learn something new
31. Find a new interest
32. Go to a new restaurant
33. Volunteer for an interesting cause
34. Go to a favorite restaurant
35. Listen to someone's story
36. Contact an old friend
37. Forgive
38. Send love to others
39. Support my kids
40. Meditate
41. Practice self care before bed
42. Make my bed
43. Cook a new dish
44. Go out for ice cream
45. Go on a retreat
46. Listen to the waves
47. Be quiet and listen for my heart
48. Read an inspirational book
49. Drink a green smoothie
50. Visit a waterfall
51. Light a candle with intention
52. Speak up with kindness
53. Take my time
54. Notice
55. Be grateful
56. Drink fresh juice
57. Ferment something
58. Eat something fermented
59. Get a massage
60. Have my Tarot read
61. Host a party
62. Shop for a loved one
63. Get flowers
64. Take a walk
65. Make my garden more beautiful
66. Laugh 'til I cry
67. Practice energy healing
68. Take a class
69. Have great sex
70. Take a detox bath
71. Go to a hot spring
72. Swim in a river
73... See - your list doesn't even have to be complete!  I've been working on mine since 2003, and I'm still not to 100!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year - New Word

This year started off with a bang.  Literally.  At midnight I awoke to fireworks, my girlfriend's dog, Tashi, scampering around my house and my girlfriend, Jodi, heading to the bathroom.  I pick up Tashi and put her on my bed to soothe her and as Jodi comes out of the bathroom I ask for a hug before she gets back in her bed and she steps on cat poo!

This is Tashi's third visit to my house and my cats are not amused.  One of them decided to let me know just how not amused he was by leaving a large pile of poo on the floor next to my bed.  With fireworks exploding all around, Jodi is washing the poo off her foot while I clean up the floor.

I'm finding the humor in this, especially as I hear Jodi tell it.  She's got the best sense of humor and makes me laugh 'til I cry almost every time we're together.

This is the year I turn 50.  Just a little over a month now.  I've decided to do my own happiness project for my birthday.  Seems fitting that my word would have something to do with this project.  My project, instead of being a "happiness project" will be my own Journey of Joy, documented right here.  I'll be focusing on finding ALL the little bits of JOY in my life this year.

The first day of this year included having Jodi make me breakfast (yum!), yoga, massages, great food with friends, a wonderful walk through an old cemetery, games, great chocolate, and writing.  Lots of joy to start off the year, for sure.

Do you have a word of the year?  If so, please share.

Loving Myself - Day 1

Spending time with friends
Enjoying good food
Loving on my girlfriend
Taking a walk