Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm Intrigued

Just before the midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter movie, a preview came on for a movie I just knew I would have to see, "Julie & Julia". It just looked like good entertainment to me.

This morning in my inbox was "Julie, Julia and 4 Funny Books We Love" from the Oprah Bookclub, which I don't normally read, but I just HAD to click to find out more. Inside was an interview with Julie Powell, the Julie of "Julie & Julia". Come to find out, it is a fascinating (at least for a blogger) true story, based on Julie's blog.

When I started reading the interview I had the idea of a mom's night out to go see the movie, then a one-book book group to read the book, in that order 'cause I've never done that before. I immediately thought of my friend, Liddy, because she is a writer and I thought she would think it great fun.

With that percolating all day, and talking with Liddy, who did indeed think it would be great fun, I just had to see if the blog is still up. What do you know? I found it with ease and just started reading it. Do you want to read it with me? Let's start with the first page.