Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Kitten Time!

A Kitten Puddle!

For the last couple of months we've been fostering four of the cutest kittens ever for the humane society and they are almost ready for adoption. They were found in a cardboard box in front of the downtown Safeway and weren't weaned yet (yuck!). Now they are healthy, happy kittens in need of homes. All of them absolutely adore people. If you are interested in adopting any (or all) of them, let me know ASAP!

So meet the kittens:


Krinkle is a fun loving spirited girl. She loves people and loves to play, play, play.


Lyra (named for the strong, female main character in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy) is a smart, loving girl. She loves to give LOTS of kisses. She has her moments of wrestling with the others, but as soon as you pick her up she settles down and purrs. She is very petite, but she is always the first to learn new things.


Chester is a wild little kitten. He loves to run and play and he is oh-so soft!


Teddy (or Teddy Bear) is SO SOFT and cuddly! He is also HUGE! He is a total cuddle-bug who is destined to be a large cat. He always melts in my arms every time I pick him up - even when he is in the middle of a wrestling match and he purrs like crazy. (He also always squints his eyes when we try to take pictures of him - he really has gorgeous round eyes.) If you want a totally cuddly cat, Teddy is your guy!