Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keeping Up

I don’t know how my blogging friends do it… keeping up… it seems that when I’m living the spirit of my blog I don’t have time to write, and when I’m in a funk and not living joyfully, I don’t want to write!

At this point in my life the house is a mess – Girl Scout cookies EVERYWHERE! We’ve been in and out so much toting cases of cookies that there are leaves and mud clods everywhere.

But I love seeing what happens with the girls when they set high goals for cookies. Steffi can now count back change in any cookie situation as can her two friends. They’ve gotten so good at this whole cookie thing that their booth sale last night came out to the penny (which, if you’ve been involved with this thing, almost never happens – what with donations and three people buying at the same time – lots can happen!). They can now pick up the phone and make a pretty professional sounding call to a customer. They are working so hard and learning so much. It’s very exciting to see.

(They’ve sold 1300+ out of their 3000 box goal (not sure how where that gets them on the map – if you know an easy way to figure that out, let me know!) and have gotten over 300 boxes out of their 500 box goal donated for the Food Bank.)

Beka (who just recently took a “K” out of her name) is getting ready for the LIFE is Good NW Unschooling Conference by making lots of beaded things to sell – really great things! The project is all over the living room floor – right up against the disaster of cookies staged for delivery.

But I love seeing the creativity! She is taking beads and wire and making it all beautiful.

In the midst of cookies, my friend and I are starting a homeschool Junior Girl Scout Troop – are we crazy??? But it’s going to be so great – they will be meeting every Thursday for three hours. There is so much we will be able to do with three hours a week! It will be so much fun.

I’m also trying to work on the local UU Services Auction, help my friend with the LIFE is Good Conference, become a Master Recycler, grow my Creative Memories business, learn Irish Step dance, get in shape, and keep all these crazy balls in the air and not drop any of them!

The journey is joyful, whether I’m keeping up on my writing or not!