Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Mission and Network Marketing Can Reshape a Bio

Looking over my blog this morning and I realized that my Bio from just last February is not really who I am anymore. This really surprises me. I mean, yes, I do work continually on improving myself, but this feels like a bigger leap than usual.

There are two things that I feel have made the biggest impact for changing who I am recently. First was to come up with and declare my mission. And the second, I've gotten back into network marketing after a fairly long hiatus. I also believe that I wouldn't have done the later without the former!

By clarifying my mission, I was able to begin relying more on my intuition - my heart's voice. This makes every decision so much easier! I have a compass for everything I choose to do, and it is simple and true to who I am becoming. I usually over-research everything, but since writing my mission, I've been making decisions so readily, and my life is moving in a true direction very rapidly.

When I learned about doTERRA Essential Oils over Memorial Day Weekend, I saw something that had great potential to help people heal, I felt that it was what I need to be involved in and I went for it! It has been the best whirl-wind of excitement ever since. I'm learning that when I align with my values, things are SO much easier!

And as I help my new team develop their businesses, I'm reminded of all the amazing personal growth that comes with truly working a network marketing business (rather than just being signed up). I'm meeting wonderful, loving people I wouldn't have met otherwise, and all our lives are blessed because of it.

So here is a stab at a new Bio - I didn't change it completely, as I haven't completely changed, but I feel this reflects more who I am now:

I value gratitude, authenticity, integrity, intention, love, joy, wisdom, sustainable abundance, acceptance, growth, respect, compassion, serenity, meaningful work, and finding the spiritual in the everyday. Service is my primary love language. I am a quiet extrovert who thrives when around other people and is learning to speak up and ask more questions. I rely on my intuition and my values when making decisions. My roles include mom, healer, friend, and volunteer. I have a passion for helping people heal themselves in all aspects of their lives: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

I invite you to examine your bio and see how you've changed. I'd love to hear your feedback!