Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time Space Continuum or How Come It's Only Sunday?

As free-flowy as our days are, as unscheduled and non-demanding as we keep our time, I still almost always know what day it is and kind of what time it is. Part of that is the things the girls have going on throughout the week - on Monday, Bekka gets together with some friends, on Tuesday, Steffi plays with music with Suz and Bekka tries to go dance at the Celtic Session, on Wednesday we have GS and Bekka teaches private lessons, on Thursday we have Irish Dance classes and Bekka goes to Out & About, on Friday we go to Homeschool Central at the Boys & Girls Club, Saturday is Teams day in Portland, and on Sunday Steffi goes to RE.

These steady activities form the framework of our week and would help me to remember that today is, in fact, Sunday. But a couple of weeks ago everything just stopped (well, except Bekka getting together with friends). I'm sure it is a welcome change for those who are always running around trying to fit in work and school and more activities than we would ever want to try to do in a week. I'm sure they want a total break from all the craziness for just a few weeks. But I don't like it! We like our regular activities - that's why we do them! We like seeing the people we see at these activities - that's another reason we do them. I miss our friends we see through these activities - and it seems like most of them have gone out of town. Sigh.

So sometime about halfway through the day yesterday, I started believing that it was Sunday, not Saturday. Last night I asked Bekka where her friends were meeting "tomorrow" and she said, "you mean the day after tomorrow". "No, today is Sunday," I reply. Both Bekka and Steffi tell me that no, it is Saturday. I had to look at the date on my computer before I could believe them.

Then, as I was waking this morning, I was thinking of the things I need to do today, as if it were Monday. It wasn't until after my shower that I remembered that today is Sunday, not Monday. I guess I just don't do well without the framework! I feel as if I am just floating through time with no grounding. I'm sure I will need more reminders throughout the day to stay in Sunday and not float off to Monday. It is almost an out of body experience.

I guess I'm not as free-flowy as I thought I was. I thought I had come so far from the CPA I once was who kept track of time in six minute increments. Okay, yeah, I have, but I guess I still need the framework to know where, in time, I am.


Linda said...

Oh, I am just the opposite! I prefer to be in a timeless space, to not know what day it is or what time it is. I would rather even not know what month it is -- except for the part about it being embarrassing to have to ask someone when filling out forms. ;) I resent having to have appointments because it forces me into that framework!

Galavanter said...

Thanks for the other perspective, Linda! I so enjoy all your comments.

I wonder if this time thing is hereditary - I was raise by a German and still panic if I am going to be late (I'm better, I used to panic if I wasn't ten minutes early). Steffi, without prompting is also very tied into time and scheduling - needing three calendars each year before she could even read and wearing a watch since she was five or six.

Kathy said...

I think I must be a mixture. I like the free flow of days quite a bit but can easily become a hermit that gets into a funk. I sometimes need the prod of activities to get me out into the world.

Now, there are things that I find tiring out in the world that could be eliminated if I were better organized. Like grocery shopping! I do not enjoy it and yet I'm terrible at planning ahead so I can do it less!